Tatiana Rivero Sanz, artist name “tana”: born in Barcelona, presently living in Vancouver, Canada.

Multi media Artist, Photographer, Painter, Sculptor, Poet, Short Films Director, Performance Artist, Installations
Email address:
Facebook/Instagram/youtube: Tatiana Rivero Sanz

TV interviews/Social Events:

  • EMPOWERHER 2018, Vancouver (March 8th)
  • ART VANCOUVER’ SNEAK PEEK 2018 (February 22nd)
  • SHEN YUN 2018, Vancouver (January 31st)
  • YOUTH UNLIMITED: The Art of Art: A West Coast Formal (Greater Vancouver, November 18th)
  • RAW VANCOUVER (June 8th, 2017)
  • “Good Day Cenla” live with Cindy A. Cespiva and Mark Hamblen, KALB TV (February 17th)

Prizes, Awards:

  • “Expressive Award” RED DOT MIAMI EXHIBITION, Art Basel Week Miami 2016
  • International Award “GRAN PRIX LOUVRE” – video Exposition, EA EDITORE, ART SHOPPING LOUVRE, Paris, October 21-23
  • “Shakespeare in Art” Award by Dott. Francesco Saverio Russo, June, 2016. Video exhibition in Verona, New York and Washington. The artwork will be included in the art catalog “THE 21st CENTURY ART BOOK”
  • International Casanova Award. “Venice in Art”, Venice, Sept 17th, 2016
  • One of the 15 women photographers presented at the Pil’Ours, Pays de Saint Gilles Croix de Vie, International Festival in France. Co-organized by Leica (July 9th-23rd).
  • 1st prize digital painting, Le reflet de nos differences, Salon du VIEUX PORT, Cannes (September, 2015)

Published books:(under the name “tana” can be found on

2015 publication of a photography book, “storm and symmetry” where photos are accompanied by poems
2014 publication of a poetry book “it is always night” (with illustrations)
2013: publication of the poetry book “Gretel’s Tears” (with illustrations)


  • 2018 March: “the Dream Catcher”
  • 2018 February: “the cobra lily and the two crowds”
  • 2018 January:NEW YORK, CHELSEA, ONISHI PROJECT “White Butterfly…”
  • 2017-2018: “the taste of blue”, sculptures: “giant-garden-vegetable…”
  • 2016-17: “time and vertigo”, one sculpture: “the spiderweb the fighting fish”
  • 2016: “fear and silence”, one sculpture: “the medusa jellyfish”
  • 2015: “deep sleep and ringtone”, two sculptures: “deep sleep” “ringtone”
  • 2014: “void and water”, two sculptures: “the butterfly, void” and “water”
  • 2013: “storm and symmetry” two sculptures, “storm” and “symmetry”
  • 2012: “awakening”, twelve paper butterfly sculptures, medium size

Short Films on youtube channel:

Workshops/Symposiums/Teaching Experience:

  • Rome, Italy, with #TeatroStudioJankowski, “performance art collaboration with theatre”, Claudio Jankowski, theatre director (January 19th)
  • Alexandria, Louisiana, USA “art photography workshop” at the River Oaks Square Arts Center (February 15th-16th)
  • Athens, Greece, International Painting Symposium, Master Classes, ATHINA ART FAIR 4, organized by “Zervas Art” and the “UNESCO”(April 22nd-28th)

Art Galleries/Museum Exhibitions/Art Fairs:


  •  NEW YORK, USA – “Winter Group Show I”, ONISHI PROJECT, Onishi Gallery ( January 4th-17th) – work presented: installation
  • MILANO-ROMA, Italy, “European Intercultural Activity at the ART AND SCIENCE MUSUEM (January 12th-23rd)
  • NEW YORK, “ART EXPO NEW YORK 2018”, represented by Novem Fine Art (April 19th-22nd)
  • VANCOUVER, “ART! VANCOUVER 2018” (April 19th-22nd)
  • ROMA, Italy, “SOLO EXHIBITION”, Galleria “Il Collezionista” (June 21st-31st)
  • NEW YORK, USA, “Summer Group Show I” ONISHI PROJECT (July 9th – 20th) work presented: installation + photography
  • PARIS, France, “Carrousel du Louvre” represented by PAKS GALLERY (October 19th-21st)
  • MADRID, SPAIN, ATENEO DE MADRID, represented by Trevisan International Art, Bologna (November 4th-15th)



  •  MILAN BIENNAIL OF ART 2017 – INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY ART – collective exhibition ( January, February, March)
  • New York, collective exhibition, “Partir sur un… Nowhere” with Galerie mp tresart, Quebec
  • Alexandria, Louisiana, “International Women’s Photography” at the Rivero Oaks Square Arts Center (February 17th-March 21st)
  • Quebec, collective exhibition, Galerie mp tresart (February-March 31st)
  • Roma, Italy, “INTERNATIONAL ICONS OF ART IN COMPARISON” Palazzo Ferrajoli, represented by the Art Gallery “Il Collezionista”(March 27th-April 2nd)
  • New York, NEW YORK ART EXPO REG.WALL with MOBILE ART GALLERY, NOVEM FINE ART, Jacinthe Lacroix (April 21st-24th)
  • Vancouver, ART!VANCOUVER 2017 (May 25th-28th)
  • Torino, Italy “International Exhibition at the Art Museum Torino, MIIT” represented by the Art Gallery “Il Collezionista” (July 13th-22nd)


  • Havana Theatre, Vancouver (January 7th – 20th)
  • Artist represented by M.A.D. Gallery Milano, permanent exhibition from Feb-July
  • Galerie Mp tresART, Montreal (January 1st – March 31st)
  • Mail Art, ARCAM, Mirano (March)
  • Le reflet de nos differences, Franc Waret, Belgium (4th-8th May)
  • ART VANCOUVER 2016 (26th-29th May)
  • “Nuances Parisiennes”, Centre of St. Petersburg Union of Artists, St. Petersburg, represented by “Galerie Art et Miss”, Paris (June 9th)
  • Video Exhibition Award “Shakespeare in Art”, Verona, Italy (June 9th-12th)
  • “Les Voix de l’Expression”, Galerie Mp tresART, Montreal (July 1st)
  • Pil’Ours, Pays Gilles Croix de Vie, Festival International de Photographie, Femmes au bout du monde (July 9th to August 28th)
  • “Fragmented Identities”, ITS LIQUID, Venice (August 4th-September 29th)
  • “Partir sur un “Nowhere”, represented by Galerie Mp tresART…in New York (September)
  • Le reflet de nos differences, Salon du VIEUX PORT, Cannes (September)
  • “Hommage a la colour”, Galerie Mp tresART, Montreal (October 1st)
  • PARIS LOUVRE EXPO, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris (October 21st-23rd)
  • ART MONACO, Monte-Carlo, Monaco (October 27th-30th)
  • Hollyburn Country Club, West Vancouver, BC
  • “Adunanza” M.A.D. Gallery Milano (November)
  • Miami, RED DOT MIAMI 2016, (Nov. 30th – Dec 4th)
  • M.A.D. Gallery Milano (December)


  • Solo exhibition and installation, The Blank Tank, Vancouver (April 19th)
  • Le reflet de nos differences, Franc Waret, Belgium (May)
  • ART MONACO Grimaldi Forum (July)
  • Le reflet de nos differences, BCM ART GALLERY, Barcelona (July),
  • BIENNALE TRAPANI, Sicilia (August)
  • 1st prize, Le reflet de nos differences, Salon du VIEUX PORT, Cannes (Sept)
  • Le reflet de nos differences, Galerie Art’ et Miss, Paris (October)

Articles, interviews…:

Collaborations with other artists:

Videos about the creative process:

Artist Statement:

I work indoors, mostly. In my studio. I create photos.

I order to do that I need to “build” first a mini universe in my studio… I paint and repaint the walls to reflect “time changing”, make sculptures, installations… until the space becomes a little “stage”, I also write lines from my poems on the walls always with the idea of telling a story.

I’m on both sides of the camera, modelling and directing the photo sessions… These later become the base for short films.

It’s an intense universe. The studio, mostly empty, seems to mirror inner thoughts. The emptiness stands for loneliness, but it’s more, it’s about the connection between oneself and the meaning of life. A poem matching the photo closes the circle of the experience… for my poems, I research books of physics to add a more precise vocabulary and structure to my narrative.

Each photo is a “complete story” captures an instant that becomes a symbol…. I guide the performance artist to a personal space where they can explore their emotions. And when, it’s me doing the modelling… I let go, I let the stage take me into the lucid dream.

Lately, I prefer to present the story in three parts: three images. It gives the viewer a deeper understanding of the model’s inner world. It also connects the work with the world of comics and ancient story telling…. I do feel a strong connection with the first cave painters, it seems I’m doing the same thing in a way.